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Is your performance up to the mark?

Do you know your performance? Do you know the quartile ranking of your performance? You should know the answers to these two questions!

At R.E.G.A.R. Investment Management, our goal is to generate for our clients a performance in the first quartile (Q1) of portfolio managers. In other words, we want to be in the top 25% of managers.

Obtaining a performance in the second, third or even the fourth quartile over the long term could force you, sooner or later, to revise your retirement income downwards.

Take the example of Peter:

He is 45 years old and wants to retire at age 65 and have more time to travel. The current value of his RRSPs is $320,000, with 70% in stocks and 30% in bonds. Peter plans to save $23,000 per year from now until retirement. According to four quartile performance scenarios covering the past 15 years, and based on Peter's asset allocation, here is his projected "gross annual income" from age 65 to age 90:


Q1 Scenario 6.9% $100,000
Q2 Scenario 5.1% $64,000
Q3 Scenario 4.2% $51,000
Q4 Scenario 3.4% $41,500


The danger for investors, even the most experienced ones, is to go through the most important years of their lives (ages 30 to 70) without ever assessing the quality of their portfolio management.

I would like an assessment of my portfolio.