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Our professional commitment

Because you are an important client, our entire team is dedicated to offering you additional professional services that will bring even more value to our partnership and better satisfy your needs.

R.E.G.A.R. Investment Management's comprehensive wealth management program includes:
  • Financial and actuarial optimization of your investments. 
  • Monthly statements from our independent trustee (NBCN).
  • Your own quarterly statement, including your portfolio's performance.
  • Quarterly information meetings, as well as comments from our manager.
  • Optimization of the payout of your assets, both personal and corporate.
  • Calculation of your capital gains and losses for tax return purposes.
  • Actuarial review of your investments every three years (portfolios of $500,000 or more).
  • Annual meeting to review the past year and the management model.
  • Easy access to your portfolio managers for meetings, at any time.
Like pension funds, your assets will be closely monitored

Because your situation is unique, our investment management program will be tailored to your needs in terms of both wealth accumulation and payout.

Whether through tax optimization of your assets or a three-year actuarial review, R.E.G.A.R. Investment Management will give you peace of mind and monitor your situation during the accumulation phase of your financial life as well as the payout phase.

Real investment management should:
  • Help grow your capital and optimize its payout.
  • Maximize the transfer of your assets to your heirs, thereby creating true intergenerational wealth.

R.E.G.A.R. Investment Management works with a team of actuaries who will maximize the safety and value of your capital upon your death.

The R.E.G.A.R. Investment Management statement is an innovation in simplicity and diligence

Our quarterly statement summarizes securities held, weightings by sector and sector volatility, as well as your performance calculated according to the daily internal rate of return (IRR) method. This performance will also be compared, in dollar and percentage terms, to a target performance and to the benchmark stock index. This statement will enable you to quickly assess the quality of our management and will always tell you precisely where you stand in terms of your investments.